20′ Banks Fishing Dory, USCG – Tombstone Transom

Today I worked about 5 hours. I first built the tombstone transom. I framed it with 1×3 and 1×6 and then skinned it with 3/4″ marine plywood. I then got a nice clear rough 2×6 about 5 1/2 feet long and planed it. This will be the stock I build the bow stem out of. I removed all the excess glue from the frames. At this point I made some short 1x stock and screwed the small platforms to the strongback where each frame sits so they can be attached plumb. I attached all the frames and then started the process of bracing them level. I only braced the number 2 and 3 frames. This bracing process takes time and the boat frames need to be plumb, level and square with the world so it can’t move when installing the bottom and the planks. This is very important!!

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