20′ Banks Fishing Dory, USCG

I’m starting a new boat! This vessel will be built after the 1944 US Coast Guard rescue Dory.

Last summer at our local boat festival several men from the US Coast Guard were walking the docks and noticed the 5 vessels that were exhibited by Welcome Slough Boatworks. They asked the harbor Master who was responsible for those vessels, and I was pointed out. They simply asked if I could build a replica of the early 1900’s USCG rescue Dory? I said “Sure if it is made of wood, I can build it”. A few weeks later one of the officers came to my shop to explain that they wanted this vessel for physical training and team work for the men at the station near the mouth of the Columbia River. I told the officer that if their station would provide or pay for the materials I would build the vessel at no charge, but there is one condition! That I can dedicate the vessel to my son that served our country for 5 tours of duty in the Middle East, by burning his name in one of the frames. His reply was “Done”. He then said “that if there is one issue that would hold the project up it would be funding, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there”.

It took some research to find the plans with the correct off-sets for this vessel. After spending some time, mostly on the Net, I purchased John Gardner’s book “The Dory Book”.

Once I was finished with my last build, I emailed the USCG Officer two different times and asked for a letter of commitment , but to no avail. Either he is on leave or maybe it could be a funding problem.

I have decided to build it anyway! I will make a few modifications. One being, I will build a mid-ship to stern outboard motor well and because of this it will only have two rowing stations rather than 4-5.

This vessel will moored on Welcome Slough year round for all of my family and friends to use at will. What could be a better boat for loading a bunch of kids and making way to near-by Coffee Pot Island, it can easily be run up on the beach. Then all we have to do is set up the umbrellas, build a fire and set out the fishing rods. Or the motor can be fully raised and one or two could go for a wonderful long row! I even have plans to take it to one of the small towns near the mouth of the river for the best 6 weeks of the Winter for crab fishing. I’ll pad lock the outboard and lock up the fuel tank in one of the seats and give a key to all my friends. Post my cell # on a plaque near the outboard to simply “Call First”.

I plan to shoot the complete interior with truck bed liner along with the bottom. It will be a great boat for all to uses!

Here is a photo of the strongback and a couple of the off-sets in John’s book.

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