Abi Gale Sail

This last Sunday a friend, Peter, who has years of sailing experience arrived. I rigged Abi Gale with a gaff rigg, spirit boom set up. We had a very light on shore wind and launched her from our little beach on the Columbia River. It took Peter a minute or two to get situated, and he was off. I would have posted pictures of her under sail, but I took those photos with Peter’s camera. When he emails them to me I’ll post them. Peter’s assesment of Abi Gale – she sails fine but needs a proper rudder!!! If you noticed, I used one oar as her mast and the other as her rudder. The mast set up works fine but using an oar for her rudder is not good for two reasons, 1. the tiller handle is in the way – too high and too long! and 2. the oar blade makes for a not very responsive rudder. So a proper rudder is in the plans for construction. Stay tuned!

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