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Depoe Bay Wooden Boat Show

This last weekend Jody and I along with two other members of our “Traditional Small Craft Asso. Lower Columbia River Chapter” The Lower Columbia River Raptors, loaded up some gear and hooked up boat trailers to make way south to the smallest natural harbor in the world, “Depoe Bay”. Our sister TSCA group “The Oregon Coots” (out of Eugene, OR) were the sponsors of the show. Although small with approximately 15-20 boats both in the water and on the hard, it was well attended. Saturday it was raining so hard most of the exhibitors were popsicles by the end of the day but that didn’t stop people from coming to view the wooden boats and participate in fun activities. Most of us showing were so busy I don’t believe one photo was taking that Saturday.

The most popular activity was the kids boat building tent. Wooden parts were precut, tools were provided so kids from all over could “with the help of moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas create there very own small wood boat! The kids had a blast.

All in all this weekend was one big good time! What’s a little northwest wind and rain to a bunch of Oregonians and Washingtonians!!

Below are just a few pic taken before the show of the boat and this beautiful small boat basin, “Depoe Bay”.

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Amazing Osprey

Amazing majestic birds!

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Osprey Building Nest

Today, during the break in the weather I snapped a few shots of our Osprey couple adding branches to their nesting platform.

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Osprey Building Nest

Here are a few more photos of our Osprey couple! They are adding branches to the nest by the hour.

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Our Osprey Couple Is Back

Today our birds returned to this very location for the fourth year in a row. 

After the original platform I built years ago blew down in a big wind because the tree was so rotten. I had to quickly secure a power pole and build a new platform before the Osprey couple returned for this nesting season. I planted it approximately 8’ away from the original, and it is also 10’ shorter, so my concern was whether the couple would accept it. It will be interesting to see if the pair starts adding branches. I’ll keep you post as thing develop.

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Phil Bolger Dory – My Part Complete

Today I finished my part of replacing the gunwale guards and adding the inwales to this sweet little 16’ rowing Dory! The owner will take her home, sand her smooth and give her a compete paint job in and out.

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Phil Bolger Dory

Yesterday I started on a friends little 16’ Dory. It had only gunwale guards, and both were scarfed and both scarfs had popped. So I removed them, cut 4) 18’ full 1”x1-1/2” fir boards to not only replace the gunwales but also to add inwales for added sheer strength. Today I fit the full length gunwale guards and inwales. Tomorrow I’ll clean up the glue, fill the counter sinks with epoxy bungs then send her on her way! The owner plans on finishing her with fresh brightwork and a fresh coat of paint in and out.

This little Phil Bolger design Dory has sweet lines.

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Osprey Platform – Planted

A good friend of mine pulled some strings and secured a power pole. Today another good friend and his brother backed in their auger/pole truck, dug the hole and planted the pole. I’m hopeful that when the Osprey pair return to this platform they will accept it and start adding branches to it.

This is a young pair about 4 years old. If all goes well for them, they will be producing chicks at this very platform for the next 30+ years. They mate for life.

I’ll keep you all posted when they arrive. Which should be in approximately 3 weeks or April 1st.

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New Osprey Platform

A few weeks ago we had a serious blower on Puget Island. It was so bad that it blew the top 10’ of the tree and the Osprey platform down. The tree was badly rotted so I had it removed. This is a problem because in less than three weeks my Osprey pair will be returning to their platform to begin a new family!

So for the last month I’ve been scrambling to get a proper pole, build a new platform and have it up and ready before their return. You can see I’ve started their nest with some soft spruce bows and a few sticks. This is called salting the platform so the Osprey pair will take to it.

Tomorrow I hope to have it placed in the ground just a few feet from
the old platform. Once it is up I’ll post more photos.

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Cedar Bar

The last week I was asked by a local logger to takes two 8’ red cedar slabs and two pine poles and build him a 42” high liquor bar. It was finished with 4 coats of clear epoxy resin and 3 coats of Spar varnish.

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