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Dudley Dix – Cape Henry 21: Ready for Spring

A few days ago I fit the new 3/8” aluminum custom built tabernacle to “Slough Coot” with 3/8” S.S. bolts. Today I wired up the mast light and cleaned up, vacuumed up wood dust from peeping the area for the new tabernacle and metal shavings from grinding off the extra stainless steel bolts flush with the nuts. 

Gave the whole boat a good cleaning, she is now ready for spring launch. 

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Skiff Restoration – Top Coat

Today we sanded the complete hull, sides and bottom fare and applied the first coat of topcoat paint to her sides and stern.

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2001 Puget Island Built Skiff

Yesterday we fared the hull smooth and filled the scarfs with wood flour epoxy and the sides of the hull with West 410 faring filler. Today we again fared the fiberglass scarf patches and then again fared the hull once again and topped the scarfs and any low spots in the hull with faring filler. 

Tomorrow we paint!! 

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Kurt Nielsen Skiff Restoration

This last week the Traditional Small Craft Association chapter, “The Lower Columbia River Raptors” started the restoration of a locally built skiff,  beginning with six major scarf repairs. 

This vessel is an 18’ work skiff built by the late Kurt Nielsen. Kurt’s boat shop was on the north side of Puget Island and used mostly local materials. 

This vessel was built in 2001 for an older gentleman as a recreational crab boat. Shortly after he took possession he passed away. The boat was fitted with a new 25hp Honda outboard. Both the boat and motor have never been used. 

Welcome Slough Boatworks along with a few Lower Columbia River Raptor members are repairing the vessel for the original owner’s wife so it can be sold for a fair price. Her contribution is to donate a sum of her choice to a non-profit also of her choice. 

Photos are of yours truly and the Nielsen built skiff taken by TSCA member Allen Bennett. 

More photos and post to follow!

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Getting Dialed-In for Spring

Today I finished faring and painting the tabernacle deck area. I also installed a fairlead behind the Tiller Tamer so the line won’t fray. Then I installed the bowsprit whisker stays. A few weeks ago I repainted the complete exterior. My metal fab guy will have the new aluminum tabernacle finished around December 1st. At this time he’s busy trying to get the commercial crab fleet ready for this seasons open. I’m getting excited for launching her around the latter part of April.

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Dudley Dix – Cape Henry 21: New Douglas Fir Companionway

The last few weeks I’ve been busy doing a few small upgrades to “Slough Coot” our Dudley Dix design Cape Henry 21.

I’ve built a new companionway hatch along with the three washboards out of a re-claimed old growth Douglas Fir log that was floating down the Columbia river after milling it.

I have also modified the aft inter transom shelf so to fit the new Suzuki 9.9hp 4stroke outboard.

I also removed the completely out of spec wooden tabernacle. I will finish off foredeck so it will look like it was never there. Then replace it with a to-spec aluminum tabernacle. With the gooseneck welded in its proper place I won’t have to remove and replace the boom every time I launch her or prepare her for the road. This alone will save me 30 minute each and every time I take her off and put her back on her trailer.

I also welded stay tabs on her bowsprit collar so to add a pair of to spec whisker stays.

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Sailing the San Juan’s in our Dudley Dix Cape Henry 21

Here are a few photos of our summer sailing our beautiful NW San Juan Islands. Jody and I have had the privilege of sailing and cruising these islands for over 30 years.

I have personally sailed my own vessels from Portland, OR to Alaska and back. I have also circumnavigated Vancouver Island. There are literally 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of islands from Seattle, WA to Glacier Bay, AK. If you are a sailor, kayaker or cyclist and have been putting off the opportunity to do this part of our world’s geography, I encourage to wait no longer. If you don’t own a boat there are Washington State and British Columbia Ferries everywhere!! They make travel up north easy and reasonable!!

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San Juan Islands 2018 on Slough Coot

This mid August thru the first part of September I sailed and cruised the San Juan Islands for three weeks with our Dudley Dix designed Cape Henry 21. The first week and a half I sailed with 4 buddies alongside their Catalina 25. The last week and a half was just Jody and me.

The San Juan Islands are incredibly beautiful. The time was so peaceful you get to forget reality! It was pretty wonderful.

San Juan Islands on Slough Coot 2018 from Longbottom Coffee on Vimeo.

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Astoria Maritime Museum Boat Show

This last Saturday the Lower Columbia River Raptors, a chapter of the Traditional Small Craft Association was asked by the Astoria Maritime Museum to put on a small boat show in front of the Barbey Maritime Center. There were just a few of us representing our chapter. All of the vessels shown were built of wood.

That morning started out raining but dried up about eleven that morning. The display of our boats was set in front of the Barbey Maritime Center to promote the Wooden boat building classes they offer. The Barbey Maritime Center is next door, on the up stream side of the Museum. They are both run by Sam Johnson the gray haired gentleman in the upper photo.

My two vessels the Dudley Dix design Cape Henry 21 “Slough Coot” and her dinghy the little red cedar pram “Coot Chick” were displayed attached to our white van. Then this coming Wednesday we trailer them north to the San Juan Island and sail the Seven Seas for 3+ weeks!!!! Yippee!

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2018 Cathlamet Wooden Boat Show

Aug 4-5. This last weekend was the Cathlamet Wooden Boat Show. I’m sorry I didn’t take photos of all the boats. There were many in the water and several on trailers taking up the majority of the Elochoman Marina parking lot. Anyway I had three boat in the show “Slough Coot”, “Coot Chick” (Slough Coot’s dinghy) and the little white rowboat that they were raffling off.

The Lower Columbia River Raptors, a chapter of the Traditional Small Craft Association put on the show. The Chapter purchased a Salt Bay Skiff kit that was built over the two days of the show. We had lots of help and on lookers. Welcome Slough Boatworks will finish it this coming Fall and this skiff will be next years raffle boat!!

The weekend was lots of fun, a special thank you to Allen and Julius!!

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