Birds and Bees Update

This last weekend there was a lot going on in the bee yards and the Osprey nesting platform. 

This late spring and early summer has had its fair share of showers. With those showers comes lots and lots of flowers. It seems to me that the wild blackberry bloom is nearly twice the norm. With this and the rest of the wildflowers this honey harvest is so different than last year’s. The honey is very light and Oh So Good. It’s sweet, mellow and has a slight hint of citrus! Last year’s was very dark, almost a ruby red. Beekeeping is an adventure, I’m always learning something new! Why every year seems to be different is part of the fun of keeping these supernatural bugs!! To me at least. 

The news with our Osprey family is something new as well. We have 3 chicks! Two of the chicks are nearly twice the size of the third. What I’ve noticed is the parents will feed the smaller chick to make sure it gets what is needed to reach adulthood. They just drop fish and the other two eat at will and would leave the small chick to starve. But it seems to me anyway, the parents are making sure this does not happen. In another 4 weeks or so they will start their test flights!

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