Building a Shed, Getting Ready for Fall

October 1, 2011. Hi all, sorry for not writing for a while. On Jody’s and my return from the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival I had to deal with getting some stuff done before the fall rains. I have been building a firewood and storage shed.

I have pretty much completed this project except I’m still waiting on the custom cut metal for the roofing. I should be picking that up tomorrow so the roofing will be installed the later part of this week. Once the roofing is installed, I have to do a little wiring and deal with about 1 1/2 cords of wood that needs to be bucked and split down by our beach.

Once this project is done, I will be building Sam Devlin’s new plans of the sailboat “Eider”. I have purchased the plans and have received them. Next week I plan to begin getting all the materials together….plywood, epoxy, fiberglass cloth and so on.

Stay posted

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