Dudley Dix – Cape Henry 21: New Douglas Fir Companionway

The last few weeks I’ve been busy doing a few small upgrades to “Slough Coot” our Dudley Dix design Cape Henry 21.

I’ve built a new companionway hatch along with the three washboards out of a re-claimed old growth Douglas Fir log that was floating down the Columbia river after milling it.

I have also modified the aft inter transom shelf so to fit the new Suzuki 9.9hp 4stroke outboard.

I also removed the completely out of spec wooden tabernacle. I will finish off foredeck so it will look like it was never there. Then replace it with a to-spec aluminum tabernacle. With the gooseneck welded in its proper place I won’t have to remove and replace the boom every time I launch her or prepare her for the road. This alone will save me 30 minute each and every time I take her off and put her back on her trailer.

I also welded stay tabs on her bowsprit collar so to add a pair of to spec whisker stays.

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