Dudley Dix – Cape Henry 21: Pettit Off-White and Some Honey!

Today is my daughter Rachel’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Rach!!

I haven’t had a post in nearly a month. My wife and I spent 3 weeks in Switzerland and Norway. When we returned I had honeybees to take care of with my granddaughter Lillian. We harvested nearly 15 gallons of wonderful honey! This is our first year, and soon we’ll have a separate page on this website keeping you posted on our wild swarms of honeybees that we catch and keep!

Anyway back to the Cape Henry 21. Over the last two days I pretty much completed the exterior. I’ve put the final coats of topcoat Pettit off-white on the superstructure. Then today I applied two coats of beige non-skid on the decks. Tomorrow I’ll start in on the cockpit.

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