Dudley Dix Cape Henry 21 “Slough Coot”

Here are a few pics of me and my wife Jody along with close friends Jerry and Nancy sailing the Cape Henry 21 “Slough Coot” in front of our place on Puget Island.

A little background on this vessel: in 2011 I was looking at plans to build a sailboat. I wanted a traditional gaff rig sloop or cutter. My good friend and longtime sailor Peter Marsh said I should build Dudley Dix Cape Henry 21. So I bought a study plan and did a preliminary materials take off along with a timeline for the build itself. I came up with a $ number and timeline that was too high and too long so I opted for another design. Then about 8-10 months ago I saw this 2009 Cape Henry 21 for sale! The owner and I communicated for a few weeks and the offer that we settled on was one that I couldn’t pass up!!! I bought her sight unseen….all but several photos and a CD of the build. When the previous owner delivered her to me and with the first cursory look-over, the words in my mind were “I am pleased”.

I plan on using “Slough Coot” as she is for the rest of this summer and early fall. I will be making a few changes over the winter of 2015-2016, and will keep you all posted on what changes take place and
how things go!

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