Dudley Dix – Cape Henry 21

Today I start the repair and restoration of the Dudley Dix design Cape Henry 21.

Back in 2011 I bought a study plan of this vessel (Cape Henry 21) and at that time after doing the materials take off along with calculating the cost of a trailer, motor, sails and rigging I opted to build a smaller sloop. But, deep down I’ve always wanted to build one of Dudley Dix’s superior designs!! One day I was looking through the boat ads, something us boat people do . . . all the time, even if we’re not in the market for a boat, and I noticed this CH 21 for sale. The builder/owner and I started communicating, and long story short I bought her sight unseen! Something I will never do again!!!

So, the restoration begins!

First she is a cutter not a sloop! So she will be fit with a couple of head sails as designed.

The homemade windows look like they were built by my 7 year old grandson (he probably would have done a better job). They leak badly and will be removed and replaced with proper Openable Bronze Port Lights.

There was no proper ground tackle, that will happen along with an anchor locker that drains! As you can see from the photos, I’ve already taken steps in this regard with welded bronze work.

The gunwale guards were rotten and will be refit with the proper wood and installed with correct fastenings!

The tabernacle will be repaired and refinished.

The aft cockpit storage seat covers were rotten because they were fit with Home Depot piano hinges. They will be replaced.

The interior fit and finish is atrocious! It looks like my 5 year old granddaughter got her hands on some epoxy wood filler and then painted it.

So the interior will be sanded properly and a top coat of West 410 fairing compound will be applied, finished smooth then painted. Lastly the exterior will be sanded, filled, caulked and painted with proper topcoat and one part paint. The decks will have non-skid applied as well.

When I am done with this vessel it will be sound and unrecognizable!!

Here are a few before photos.

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