Harry Bryan’s Ladybug Wheelbarrow Boat

Today I started Harry Bryan’s famous Ladybug Boat. This will be number 5 of these boats that I’ve built. This boat is being built for Wally Wright, a local guy here in Cathlamet, Wa. Wally talked me in to donating my time and materials so he could give it to one of his favorite non-profits.

I set up the mold (that was looking a little worse for being stored outside and over use). Yesterday I planed some 1×11 and glued and clamped and extra 3 1/2″ to make a 2) 1×14 1/2″ x 42″ to make up the stern and bow Transoms. I got as far as laying out the stern transom, put in 2.5 hours and then went razor clam digging!

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