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This year like all the others is a wooden boat aficionados’ dream. I just have to give thanks to all the hard work that was put into this event by the organizers. Everything from the music to the food; all the tool and boat vendors and all the classes – it was exceptional. The Eider (Vanessa) was literally swarmed. People were extremely interested, plans and kits were sold, and folks were excited to get started on their own builds.

In these photographs, you’ll see everything from pirate ships to Jody, Macks and I sailing Townsend Bay. There is one photograph of a large sailboat off in the distance. The Vanderbilt family owned this sailboat. It is the Odyssey, and now it is owned and crewed by the Sea Scouts. My close friend Jerry’s neighbor, Linda, is a Vanderbilt, so every time we see this boat we are connected. I wish I would have taken more photos, but I killed my phone and got a new one. The new one takes some getting used to.

My wife, Jody, and I met so many wonderful people. We just want to encourage Robin in Ohio, David in Washington state and a young military man whose name I believe is Richard as they go forward with their own builds. Please know that I am here to support you and am just an email away.

Thank you all for your interest.

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  1. Rob
    Posted September 18, 2012 at 12:25 pm | Permalink

    Dear Michael,

    The Festival was wonderful, making me regret the fact that we were able to be there only one day rather than the whole weekend. It was great to see Vanessa in person after following her build on your blog. Her lines are lovely and the gaff rig with a bow sprit for the jib are the “cat’s pajamas”. As I told you I ordered and paid for the Eider kit from Sam Devlin at the show. I look forward to starting the build in a few weeks. Jeff Meeks of West Satsop Boatworks who is doing the CNC cutting called me today to ask if I wanted the deck and cabin skin included. I’d like to pose you that question. I understood that Vanessa’s cabin lines deviate a bit from the plans having what I suspect to be a bit more curve and incline to the cabin sides and a 4″ higher cabin peak with increased curve to the lateral line of the cabin top. I’d like to end up with something similar. What do you think, What should I tell Jeff?

    Thanks again for bring Vanessa out for us to enjoy in person. If things go well I should be initiating my own build in a few weeks. Like at the beginning of her build I have an ash tree to fell for fuel to heat the shop this winter and then the build can begin. Thanks for your encouragement.



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