Moving the Staysail Sheets, Fairleads and Cam-Cleats

This last weekend I moved the port and starboard fairleads and cam-cleats for the staysail sheets.
I’ve posted 4 photos. The first is a full photo of the starboard side of our Dudley Dix design Cape Henry 21. You can see the cam-cleat mounted to the deck in front of the horn-cleat. This location has had its challenges.

1) When taking in the sheet your hand hits the pointy end of the horn-cleat. 2) It’s not a good location if you need to move quickly.

As you can see on the bottom three photos I moved the fairleads from forward of the port lights to the aft end of the port lights. I then moved the cam-cleat from the deck to the upper aft end of the cabin superstructure. This new location will make it easier to make quick adjustments while tacking or reefing the staysail.

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The Day After Christmas!

This weekend I removed the hatch cover for the companion way on my sailboat, a Cape Henry 21. I sanded it fair and added a coat of brightwork. I then tore apart my free standing sander and repaired the main belt pulley.
The two weekends prior I removed my burned out stove and replaced it with little potbelly type cast iron wood burner!! It heats up my shop nicely!!

Dec. 26th

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Rendering This Season Beeswax Cappings!!

Oct. 9th-10th

This last weekend I went through the painstaking process of rendering this seasons bees wax cappings. The process involves a large canning kettle 2/3 full of water, brought up to 190 degrees, and submerging a fine cloth bag full of wax cappings. This is repeated 3 times into the same capping to make a single block of pure organic bees wax. It smells heavenly!! I will then break apart, melt, and pour the pure, clean, wax into ingots. Some ingots will be used in making wonderful products such as lip balm, lotions, and even leather treatments.

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Labor Day Weekend Sailing “Slough Coot” with Longtime Friends!

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Spinning This Seasons Honey!

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Our Two Osprey Chicks Are Now Flying!

The two baby Osprey chick don’t look like babies anymore. They started stretching there wing in flight everyday for the last 5 days. In the next few weeks Mom and Dad will be teaching them to hunt. 

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Harvesting Puget Island Honey

Today we started the process of harvesting honey this week. As you can see there is and escape board placed under the first two honey supers. When the bees leave the super at night to protect the queen they can’t go back up into the supers because the escapes are one way. Tomorrow I will remove the frames of the top two supers and then place the escape board under the last supers on each hive. By midday Saturday all the honey should be harvested.
More to come.

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Baby Osprey Chicks Exercising Wings

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Sailing Solo Down the Columbia River!

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Catching a Large Bull Swarm of Wild Honeybees

A friend on Puget Island called me, and asked if I wanted a large swarm of honeybees. These two short videos tell the story!


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