Moving the Staysail Sheets, Fairleads and Cam-Cleats

This last weekend I moved the port and starboard fairleads and cam-cleats for the staysail sheets.
I’ve posted 4 photos. The first is a full photo of the starboard side of our Dudley Dix design Cape Henry 21. You can see the cam-cleat mounted to the deck in front of the horn-cleat. This location has had its challenges.

1) When taking in the sheet your hand hits the pointy end of the horn-cleat. 2) It’s not a good location if you need to move quickly.

As you can see on the bottom three photos I moved the fairleads from forward of the port lights to the aft end of the port lights. I then moved the cam-cleat from the deck to the upper aft end of the cabin superstructure. This new location will make it easier to make quick adjustments while tacking or reefing the staysail.

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