Slough Coot – Haul Out 2019

This Thursday I took “Slough Coot,” our Dudley Dix Cape Henry 21, out of the water after 6 full months of sailing nearly every week, several times a week! I spent 5-1/2 hours pressure washing her bottom paint, removing most of it. This gets it ready it for sanding and applying a fresh coat before next spring. I gave her topside a major league bubble bath. She is now stored in the shop for winter. During this winter I will light the wood stove and give “Slough Coot’s” exterior a compete fresh coat of paint and varnish to her brightwork.

On another note her Genoa is furled. I plan to furl the staysail early this coming spring, it is now Hanked. This way I don’t have to go forward while underway. Also this frees up the forward cockpit, with the staysail bag removed this make for and unencumbered area when dropping and pulling the anchor.

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