Wheelbarrow Boat – Planking the Bottom

April 9, I cut the plank extensions off to be flush with the transoms using a pull saw. Then I plunged the top stake plank with cedar plugs and epoxy filler and plunged the garboard planks with wood flour epoxy because we plan to fiber glass the bottom cedar planking long with a small portion of each transom and all of each garboard plank.

Afterwards, we started planking the bottom. We used 1/2″x 3″ cedar boards. If you notice in the photo I beveled only one edge of each plank at 25%, pulled it up tight to the right angle edge of the already fastened plank. This gap allows me to towel epoxy wood-flour over the entire bottom. Once each plank is pre-drilled and counter sunk and fastened, then I do something very not ship-wright! I take my belt-sander with 40 grit and grind the edge of each plank flush as I go. (Don’t tell anyone…but its fast and easy! ) Once all the planks are fastened and to there proper shape then take your orbit-sanders with 60 grit and round all the edges. Remember fiber-glass cloth hates Sharp edges. Then go about numbering each plank.

Next post we will remove the planks, then epoxy/wood-flour them in place, fill and glass the bottom.

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