Welcome Slough Boatworks is a small boatworks shop located on Puget Island which is 25 miles up the Columbia River from Astoria Oregon.


USCG Banks Fishing Dory - John Gardner

This vessel is an 1884 Banks Fishing Dory. The offsets were taken from John Gardner’s book, The Dory Book. Welcome Slough Boatworks made a few changes: added 3 extra frames, planks were made from 3/8″ marine plywood scarfed, bottom 1/2″ marine plywood. In 1884, the boat was built of all dimensional lumber.

Michael Baccellieri, has been restoring and refitting large vessels for the past 25 years. By and by, he has built smaller vessels during this time as well. The last 7 years he has decided to take new construction to another level. During this time he added a boatworks shop to his house on Puget  Island. Using high grade British Standard Marine Plywood along with having access to premium old growth logs that are hand milled from the Elochoman Valley. Michael is able to trim out the interior and the decks of these new boats with traditional fine craftsmanship.