4 Days on the Lower Columbia

This last week Jody and I spent a few days sailing and cruising the lower Columbia River.

The first night we spent in Steamboat Slough just up river from Skamakowa. It’s a beautiful place like most of the backwater of the lower river. At 6:30 the next morning we caught the out-going tide for Astoria! On the way down, ships (big ships) were making way up river. What is interesting about this river is it is so beautiful, and there are very few people sailing or cruising it. We feel like it is all ours! My mind goes back to Captain Vancouver, Gray, Lewis and Clark and the men that made way across the country that were employed by Jacob Astor. This place is beautiful and having the opportunity to sail it is truly an honor!! One of the biggest blessings is sharing it with my kid and grandkids.

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