Abigail E – Transformed to Cedar Pram

Here is another post on Abigail E. This last week I had a chance to work on the “Abigail E” as well as catch 2 nice summer run chinook salmon. It was a good week!

I have decided NOT to make the “Abigail E” a Wheelbarrow boat; no wheel for this little vessel. Henry is my good friend that mills all my lumber. He stopped by the shop to take a look at the progress and have a fine cup of coffee. Henry said, “don’t put a wheel in this one she is a beauty, she’s longer, taller and wider. Keep her as a regular boat, besides you have already built two of tho’s wheelbarrow boats.” So, from this post on, the Abigail E (named after my youngest granddaughter) will be a “three plank lap strake cedar pram.”

I haven’t take a tape to her beam, but her LOA is 7′-4″ and she’s 18″ high from her chine to her sheer at midship. I plan to put a step in her bow to accept one of her oars as a mast and her other oar will act as her rudder. She won’t be fast but she will catch the wind. She is built of old growth CVG red cedar. I will build her oars out of old growth CVG fir.

Oh, for my friend in Long Island, NY that left a comment on the last post, thanks for your kind words, but I am just a boat carpenter that likes to make sawdust, that’s all.

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