Astoria Maritime Museum Boat Show

This last Saturday the Lower Columbia River Raptors, a chapter of the Traditional Small Craft Association was asked by the Astoria Maritime Museum to put on a small boat show in front of the Barbey Maritime Center. There were just a few of us representing our chapter. All of the vessels shown were built of wood.

That morning started out raining but dried up about eleven that morning. The display of our boats was set in front of the Barbey Maritime Center to promote the Wooden boat building classes they offer. The Barbey Maritime Center is next door, on the up stream side of the Museum. They are both run by Sam Johnson the gray haired gentleman in the upper photo.

My two vessels the Dudley Dix design Cape Henry 21 “Slough Coot” and her dinghy the little red cedar pram “Coot Chick” were displayed attached to our white van. Then this coming Wednesday we trailer them north to the San Juan Island and sail the Seven Seas for 3+ weeks!!!! Yippee!

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