Cathlamet Wooden Boat Show 2019

This last weekend was the Cathlamet Wooden Boat Show. There were about 30 boats registered for the show. Many boats showed in the water and others on the parking lot resting on their trailers. There were also kayaks and canoes of all sizes and styles. 

On Saturday I built a Salt Bay Skiff with the help of TSCA Chapter members. This will be finished in my shop this winter. Last year’s skiff was on display, and Chapter members were selling raffle tickets for it. One lucky person will be the winner and take home this beautiful 12’ vessel complete with a set of oars ready for the water! 

As I was building away on the 12’ skiff for next year’s raffle, Jody and Lil’ Josey were showing “Slough Coot” and “Coot Chick,” our Dudley Dix design Cape Henry 21 and her dinghy a 7’ red cedar pram. Well, as I was driving home yesterday Allen and Julius (TSCA Chapter members) counted the voting ballots and “Slough Coot” won best sailboat!! A great testimony to Jody and to Dudley’s design!!

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