Exciting Few Weeks

This last few weeks have been full of exciting events!

First, the “Vanessa” the Devlin Eider sailboat was won by a local guy that lives in Hillsboro, Or. 100% of the proceeds went to “The Coffee Trust” a great nonprofit that helps coffee farming families! A super, super organization!!

This last winter I took a beekeeping class put on by Washington State University. I passed the 10 exams and now am a certifiable beekeeper! The 18 hives and honey supers I built this last winter are in the field. As my 8 year old granddaughter Lillian says “I am a beekeeper now”. Lillian and I have 8 working hives in 3 different locations near the lower Columbia River. We have 6 nearly full honey supers and we believe by the end of July-August we could end up with 9-12. Each honey super has 40-50 pounds of raw, beautiful all natural honey in it. I had no idea how complex these little bugs are. They are truly a amazing! Did you all know that honeybees are the second most studied living thing in the world. First are humans. Anyway my granddaughter Lillian and I are having a blast together!!??

Also the June Chinook are running!

I just pulled the Cape Henry 21 out of winter storage and put her In the yard next to the boat shop. I will give her a full restoration. New paint, new bronze port lights, change her from a sloop to a cutter as she was designed and put a full set of electronics installed. Plus repair the tabernacle.

I will try to get this completed by the end of June-the first week of July.

Then sail the seven seas!!!

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