Nelson Skiff – Interior Restoration

Today I took care of a couple of small repairs. One in the floor, forward just aft of the bow-deck and a small area at the starboard side of the upper transom. Most of what I will do to the interior is saturate the marine plywood with boiled Linseed oil, varnish the brightwork, paint the decks and bench seating. The two thwart bench seats are in need of minor repair before they’re painted. The paint I’ll be using is Jamestown Dist. TotalBoat off-white and beige non-skid on the forward deck and tops of the bench seats. There are 3/4” marine plywood floorboards that will be saturated will Linseed and placed over the 2”x3” floor framing. This vessel was built to service it owner for many, many years! You’d be hard pressed to fine another like it!!

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