Post-Catching a Swarm of Honey Bees

This day I was in my house with the front door open. I started hearing bees buzzing! The buzzing started to get louder and louder. I stepped outside and noticed the sky was filled with bees. One of my hives was in the process of swarming. They lit on a branch approx 10 feet high. We fashioned a cardboard box duct-taped to a long 2×2 stick. We then put the hanging swarm into the box and gave it a quick jerk and about 95% of the bees ended up in the box. We quickly dumped those bees into a 6 frame nuc. In the last video you can see the bees that ended up on the ground march up the small stump and right into the nuc box because the queen is in the box. 

The following morning every bee was in the box. We moved them to a friend’s bee yard about 3-4 miles away.

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